The Lancefield-Romsey Little Athletics Centre began in 1988 with a small group of dedicated helpers. It was originally located in Lancefield and later moved to the Romsey Primary School venue. When the Centre first moved to the Lower Oval at Romsey Primary School,  it was simply a vacant block and a shed with some trees on it. If it were not for the dedicated hard work of some of the volunteers around at the time, we would not have the centre in existence today.


Our competition ethos is simple. We believe that all children can benefit from participating in Little Athletics. Children compete against their own personal best times/distances. The emphasis is on developing the skills of children in all facets of athletics and sportsmanship in general. A lot of concern has been expressed for focus on competitiveness in junior sport but we feel that Little Athletics allows each child to be their best, no matter what their level of skill. Little Athletics is structured to cater for all children: some children are naturally gifted athletes, while others have to work hard at it, and others simply want to have fun and get fit.


We also cater for children with health related conditions, as well as children with physical, sensory, intellectual and/or hidden disabilities. We can modify programs to suit children with special needs. We have one request…that you discuss your childs needs with us, so we can ensure that they are given every opportunity to participate and more importantly, have fun.


The Centre rewards athletes for participation, as well as performance, individual improvement and dedication. Every child who participates in the required minimum competition during the Track & Field season will receive at least one medal on Presentation Day.